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Skyblock is Online!

By Darth_Blocker a - Posted Dec 6, 17

Hello everyone,

     The Craft Nation Skyblock server has now been launched! There are dozens of amazing features and optimizations that we have made to the server (Mob Arena, Spleef, and more!). To connect to the server please use GHASTS.COM as the server address. There are some small bugs that our development team is aware of and we are working on fixing. If you have any suggestions for the server please feel free to mention it on our forums page. In the meantime...have fun with what we have built for all of our players!

     Skyblock will be receiving updates with new content every other week and we are eager to include your ideas in the next update. With the addition of King of the Hill, multiple PVP arenas, and countless island challenges the fun will be endless. Our server store is still being developed so please be patient while we put together some amazing custom kits and ranks for everyone. 

     The Craft Nation team is working on a highly custom Factions and Prison server that is set to launch within the next month. I have arrangements with over a dozen popular youtubers to come play on the server and spread the word about Craft Nation! If you see any of them online be sure to say hi! The plans our team has for this network is extraordinary, and we are set to begin growing the community with thousands of players once the other servers launch. 

    Stay tuned... Craft Nation is about to be the best and one of the largest Minecraft server networks that the world has ever seen!

See you on the server!

> Darth_Blocker

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