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Craft Nation - Coming Soon!

By Darth_Blocker a - Posted Aug 8, 17

Hello everyone!

  Before I begin my own personal introduction I would like to take a moment to briefly discuss my goals and aspirations for Craft Nation. Factions, Prison and Skyblock have always been my favorite game modes on Minecraft Multiplayer. There is always room for innovative additions, grand adventures, and all sorts of fun on them. Some people fail to understand that Minecraft is much more than a video game. It's a place to grow, learn, meet all sorts of people and experience new things. In order to grow and expand the Craft Nation community we need support from all of our wonderful new players and staff members. Over the next few months all players will enjoy consistent updates, fast and lag-free gameplay, weekly events, various giveaways, and endless Minecraft fun. Once we launch the servers we will be seeking out mature and kind players to be trained for our staff team. In order to accomplish these goals, our two professional developers will be keeping the servers in perfect condition. We are currently in the early-mid development stages of the network. Our team is coordinating with various build teams and web designers to bring a visually appealing display to the network. If you have any suggestions for our new servers please feel free to post them on our lovely forums. 

Now for a short personal introduction:

  My in-game name is Darth_Blocker and I am the Owner of Craft Nation. I manage the player community, website, support questions/emails, as well as create new ideas for the network. Please feel free to message me right here on the website at any time with questions, concerns, ideas or anything else. My main goal for Craft Nation is to grow and expand the server while providing a unique Minecraft experience for all players to enjoy. I have been working with Minecraft server for five years now and I am extremely excited to bring my experiences to Craft Nation. I will see you all on the servers! :)

Have fun!

- Darth_Blocker [Owner of Craft Nation]

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