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Minecraft username: KiritoSan

Which server are you applying to be a Moderator on? Skyblock

How old are you? 13

How long have you been playing on Craft Nation? Its not open

Do you have any past experience as a staff member on another Minecraft server? Yes

What is your current in-game rank? (If none, please put "Default") Default

What timezone are you in? PST

How many hours per day do you play on Craft Nation, and what days of the week are you usually online? Not open -2 hours / every day except Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

As a player, how have you helped other players and the server in-game? Its not open

Why do you think you would be a good and helpful Moderator on Craft Nation? I think i would be a helpful Moderator because i have had a lot of past experience, and know what to do
Posted Nov 12, 17 · OP
Online on Site
Thank you for sending in an application! Once the server launches I would like to see you online. If you play frequently then you may comment here to update your application. For any staff application to be considered we like to see detailed responses to each question. Play on the server for a little while, then please revise and re-submit your application! :)
Posted Fri at 10:08 pm
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